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TOKYO, JAPAN – July 1, 2013 – With the help of MANGA REBORN, Sato Shuho has published his autobiographical novel “Manga Poverty” on iTunes, Amazon, and Smashwords. soft feel iphone 8 case iphone 7 case ultra slim personallsed iphone 6 case iphone 6 plus cases with stand iphone 6 ted baker mirror case jet black iphone 6 case penguin iphone 8 case iphone 7 phone cases see through iphone 8 case ted baker pink red apple iphone 7 plus case iphone 8 plus head case burgundy iphone 8 case iphone 6 charger case 10000mah iphone 8 snow white case star wars phone case iphone x iphone 7 4 7 case iphone 8 blossom case iphone plus 7 case iphone 7 plus glitter case purple iphone 8 case tough armor full protection iphone 6 plus case apple iphone 6 silicone case black iphone 7 plus case mickey selfie phone case light iphone 6 plus iphone 7 phone cases man utd You can purchase one from the link on the sidebar. iphone 7 phone cases carbon silicone iphone 7 case yellow iphone 8 white marble hard case 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case initial iphone 8 case iphone 8 charger case mophie   In conjunction with the e-book release, this blog (Sato Shuho’s official English blog) is also open for free viewing. ravenclaw iphone 6 case iphone 6 plus jet black case iphone 7 cases lv punisher iphone 8 case lemon iphone 7 case iphone 6 case prime pig phone case iphone 6 iphone 6 case minecraft leather iphone 6 card case iphone x skin case iphone 8 plus cases and covers iphone 7 plus stranger things case iphone 7 iphone 8 case lermx case silicone iphone 6 plus camera iphone x case sparkly unicorn iphone 7 case iphone x case purse fortnite phone case iphone 6 peter pan iphone 7 plus case iphone 7 pretty case iphone 8 case kate harry potter cases iphone 6 iphone 6 se case rose gold marble cases iphone 7 iphone 8 cases transparent iphone 6 case harry potter iphone 7 case silicone west ham iphone 6 case It will be updated every Monday and Wednesday with anecdotes about Sato’s rise as a manga artist, as well as his philosophies on art, panel composition, and story composition for manga. griffin iphone x case iphone 7 plus case spiegen antigravity phone case for iphone 6 iphone 6 rainbow case iphone 6 case otterbox defender iphone 6 graffiti case iphone 6 case detachable iron man iphone 6 case anti gravity case iphone 8 plus surphy iphone 7 plus case iphone 6 case yoga bape iphone 6 case prime iphone 6 plus case silicone dolphin apple iphone leather case 7 rick and morty phone case iphone 8 plus iphone 7 full body case for girls iphone 6 case tinted iphone 7 plus case ted baker 8 plus case iphone disney 360 iphone 6 plus case iphone 8 pluse slim case iphone 8 plus case poetic iphone 6 plus water glitter case fnaf iphone 6 case uag case iphone 8 plus selfie phone case light iphone 6   Manga Reborn hopes that these releases will connect more overseas manga fans with Japanese artists, and help them learn about the current state of manga culture. personalised case iphone 8 plus thin fit iphone 6 plus case iphone 8 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Sato’s Road to Manga #14

One day, I-san asked me if I wanted to work as a staff member for a mangaka named T-san.   T-san was one of the magazine’s poster mangaka. His drew as if he had carved out the black emotions that lie deep in human hearts with his own brush, and he depicted it all with lots of style. His overwhelming expressions were his trademark, and I loved his work. I thought I would only get to work with him for a few days as emergency staff, but the more I heard about the job, the more I realized it was something different.   “T-san looked at the work you submitted and said he wanted to meet you. He’s looking for a new long-term staff member,” I-san said, which made it seem like I was getting hired.   I was used to working as art staff from my experience at F-san’s studio, and this was an artist that I loved, but I had no desire to take a step back and do the same job again. Besides, I had already decided that I would keep drawing manga until I ran out of the money I had saved up, and get my own serialization in half a year. red iphone 7 cases I told this all to I-san, and had worked as emergency staff just in order to please him. I couldn’t initially understand why he would have recommended me to T-san.   But editors didn’t pay much attention to what amateurs had to say. Taking one of his pawns and sacrificing it to a serialized mangaka who was low on staff would earn I-san a point in the editor’s office, and that’s all that mattered to him. With that said, looking back at this situation now, I think I was being really childish with my “become a mangaka in half a year without getting a part-time job” plan. In the end, my honest feelings were neglected, but if I refused I-san’s offer, it’d make things very awkward. So in the end, I agreed to meet with T-san.   I-san told me there was a place in Koenji that T-san often went to, so he took me there one evening.   I think our meeting started around 7 PM.   In the beginning, I decided that I was going to tell T-san directly that I had no intention of working for him as art staff. There he was, sitting in the back of the restaurant. I wondered how he’d reply. He looked like a rock star. He had long hair, was wearing black clothes, and… hmm, now that I think back on it, I guess he didn’t really look that unusual. He just gave off a different aura than most people, I suppose.   They ordered a beer for me, and after a sip I introduced myself. “I’ve been reading your manga for a while now, T-sensei…” I began, when I was suddenly interrupted.   “You don’t address mangaka as ‘sensei,'” he said.   “Huh? Then, um… what should I call you?” I asked timidly.   “Just call me T-san,” he said.   He was a bit different than all of the mangaka I had met up to that point.   “I worked as an assistant for F-sensei, so I have experience…” I began, when he interrupted me again.   “I don’t like the word ‘assistant.'” When I asked him why, he said: “You’re not some part-time helper. You’re not just assisting me, are you? I’m looking for members that’ll work together with me like a band. If all you’re going to do is help me out, I’ll be in trouble.”   Apparently, he was once in a band. Looks like I was right about him being more on the musical side.   “Huh? What word should you use, then? Geez, you sure ask a lot of questions, don’t you? Fine. apple charger case iphone 8 plus You’re ‘staff.’ Words are just words, you know. We aren’t master and pupil. We’re just members on the same team. Staff. Doesn’t that make sense?”   Indeed, T-san’s words made a lot of sense to me. The truth was, I had never liked being called an assistant. If the person calling me it sounded out every last syllable, then maybe it would have been alright, but whenever the mangaka called the editor on the phone, they would always say “I’ll have my assi take care of it. I’m going out now, so please come by and pick up the manuscript in the evening.”   Oh, I used to think as I listened. Assi? That’s what I am? It was kind of depressing.   Somehow, the term seemed discriminatory, and always reminded me of the hierarchy that existed between employer and the employees. cute phone cases iphone 6 To this day, I’ve always called my employees “staff,” thanks to T-san’s influence. Even in writing this essay, I’ve made a point of using the word “staff.”   Next, T-san asked me: “Why are you drawing manga?”   I couldn’t think of a good answer. “I want to become a mangaka…” I began, and then he interrupted me.   “That’s not what I meant. marble hard iphone 8 case I mean, you could have gone into movies, or novels, right? Why manga?”   “It takes money to make movies, and I’m not good at working on teams. And I’ve never written any novels or prose or anything, so… for example, if I was in the movie business and I had the choice of making a movie about how Tokugawa Ieyasu actually came from a discriminated lower class, and a movie about how Hitler was actually Jewish, the costs would be completely different since one is set overseas. With manga, though, the cost wouldn’t really change all that much. I think one of the good points about manga is that you never have to limit your imagination, I guess. I think the same is true for novels, but manga means you can use pictures too, so…”   “You’re smart. But you’re also stupid,” he replied.   Several weeks later, I told him “I think I want to draw manga because I like manga.”   “What more do you need?” he replied.   When I met him, I had secretly intended to directly explain to him that I had no intention of working as an assistant again, but then I realized that T-san was looking not for an assistant, but staff. He was a bit rude in the way he spoke, but he had actually read all of my pieces, and gave me detailed feedback on my work, so I also realized that he was someone who really thought about the other person when he spoke with them.   When I told him that I was working hard so that I could get my own serialization in half a year, he said: “Alright, just think of this as a temporary thing, then. You can quit as soon as you become a mangaka.”   “Well, of course, I don’t know if I’ll really be able to do it or not, but if I actually do, then I won’t be able to do anything to repay you for giving me this chance…”   “You’re going to become a mangaka in half a year, aren’t you? If you are, then don’t act lame about it and say that you don’t know if you’ll really be able to. Save your gratitude for the next person who comes along. When you become a mangaka, you’ll need your own staff, right?”   After hearing this, I decided to take the job.   Seeing that things were going to work out okay, I-san gave us his best and made a quick exit.   As I was wondering what just happened, T-san called up a mangaka friend on the phone. He kept filling up my cup with more sake, and then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by people and it was past midnight. The restaurant was in Koenji, so I didn’t have to worry about catching a train, but I still couldn’t help but wonder when this meeting would actually end.   Huh? He’s ordering another bottle? Now he’s calling someone else…   Before I knew it, I could see light shining in through the window. iphone 6 case speck   In the end, we left the restaurant around 5:00 AM. The owner of the small place came out clutching an empty case of empty beer bottles in his arms, with an exhausted look on his face. “You guys drank it all!”   Next month, I put myself under the care of T-san.

Sato’s Road to Manga #27

Before I knew it, my mini-series had come to an end.   mr_27   Looking back on it now, it makes me moan in embarrassment.   The series ranked at about fifth place in the series popularity contest that they ran, which was pretty good for a brand-new author. It was pretty good… but not good enough to let me continue the series. After all, my next project was already in the works.   I had already begun working on a storyboard for the first chapter. F-san said I still didn’t have to start yet, but I hated just sitting around and waiting. And I hated doing work just because someone told me to.   I draw because I want to draw. personalised iphone 8 plus case marble I didn’t know what sort of expectations the editing department had for me, but if they thought that schedule-wise, a person of my ability shouldn’t need to start drawing yet, then that meant it was time for me to show them that I was above their standards.   I wanted to take the challenge of bringing my own draft to the drawing board with nothing but my own ability. I didn’t want to have to be ordered to do it.   Before the serialization began, I went to Hakata numerous times to collect data. K-san, the man who had given us the original idea and data, didn’t seem to have any desires other than the ability to introduce himself as the “original creator” at the coast guard headquarters.   When I was working on my draft at our hotel, he came to me without a care in the world and said: “When you’re collecting data, you should just switch into play mode. You don’t need to treat it like work.”   The editing department said that they wanted to start the serialization within the year, but I didn’t want to draw just when they told me to, so I had already rung my gong. K-san probably had no idea that for me, the fight had already begun, nor did he know how much time I was really putting into this.   So, I asked him how long he thought it took me to draw one page.   “One hour? Huh? Nope? Uh… iphone 6 plus boys case thirty minutes?” he answered.   The correct answer was that it took about six to eight hours until I finished the final draft’s page. Some pages took 12 hours. Some spread pages with detailed backgrounds could take up to three whole days. iphone 6 6s glitter case   It seemed like to him, drawing the manga just meant drawing pictures to represent the story, so it didn’t involve much creativity. pro reflex case iphone 7 plus It was actually kind of refreshing to run into someone who understood so little about manga. That’s when I started to realize that as long as I didn’t carry any expectations about anything, I would never feel disappointed.   Every time we went out to dinner after collecting data, F-san and K-san would talk about the story. We had toured a smuggling ship, so they thought it would be a good idea to use that real incident as a basis for a plot about capturing a smuggling ship.   Too bad I’ve already finished the first draft, I thought. To me, it just sounded like they were flapping their gums for no reason. iphone 6 original case   After eating blowfish for the first time, and getting to touch a girl’s boobs outside of the boob pub after it had already closed, you know, just having all sorts of great first experiences, I felt like I wanted to thank them somehow. But for some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to be that honest with them, and I wanted to focus on the manga as much as possible, so I just kept my ears shut. I developed a tendency to ignore everything the two of them said. All I did was draw manga, but I would still grab a boob or two when the opportunity presented itself.   Now that I look back on it, I think both of them were trying to work hard for the sake of the manga. At the time, though, I could only see them as two people who insisted on chattering in my immediate vicinity.   Those two won’t be any help to me. I need to get it together and do this on my own.   I had to be that way, otherwise I’d have no reason to keep drawing the manga.   I wasn’t the editors’ slave. I couldn’t just sit still because they told me to. I desperately wanted to make this manga my own original creation. But I can see how I may have looked conceited to them. What I really regret is not saying “That won’t be of any help to me at this stage. It isn’t necessary,” right then and there.   One day, after we returned to Tokyo, I finished the storyboard for the first chapter and took it in to the editors’ office.   F-san read it, and whispered: “Good… good!” over and over.   Of course it is. I poured my blood, sweat and tears into it.   As usual, I was grumbling to myself, but after seeing F-san so pleased like that, I couldn’t help but feel a bit happy myself. I was happy, but I had been betrayed so many times up to this point, that I couldn’t just be honest and smile.   After that, the usual (?) 10 editors gathered up and went out to dinner with me. Now that I look back on it, I guess they really had a lot of expectations for me. My mini-series hadn’t necessarily been bad, but I think they just thought: “With his skills, he can handle an even bigger series.” In short, they were gambling on me.   Even though they weren’t actually paying me to draw these storyboards.   At this point, it had been half a year since I made my debut. After many years of being told “there’s no seat for you on this train,” all of a sudden, I was riding in a VIP seat on a bullet train.   I had to stay cynical, or else I might have lost myself.   For the draft, I had thought up my own vision of a coast guard’s day-to-day life. “An accident happens, and when the coast guard gets to the ship, they find out it was a smuggling ship.” That was basically the story.   I hadn’t given a single thought to anything F-san or K-san had said, but in the end, they didn’t seem to care. I wanted to mix exciting rescue scenes with the smuggling incident to add more tension and make it into an unpredictable, thrilling story. And it seemed like I had succeeded. iphone 6 phone cases otterbox   Soon, F-san started a long speech.   “I heard that the draft of the first chapter got finished today, so I had you all make a little room in your schedules so you could come out and celebrate with us. Now, if this draft was crappy, that would really ruin everything, wouldn’t it? And you know, on top of that, Sato-kun didn’t listen to a single thing we told him. I was really worried for a while, but hey, it’s great, so who cares? I figured that guys like him do better work when they’re left alone, so kudos to me for not bugging him! A bad editor would scold him here, but I let him draw what he wanted! I’m awesome, aren’t I? You can see the editor-in-chief sitting there grinning his face off, and you know why? Because we’ve got an exciting new serialization to carry us through to the next year! Now he can put his feet up for the rest of the year! And it’s only September!”   For better or worse, F-san was certainly entertaining. Whether he praised you or put you down, he made it entertaining. And drank a lot. Incidentally, one of the other editors at the table, whom F-san really tore up, happened to become the supervising editor of “New Give My Regards to Black Jack,” ten years later. yellow apple iphone 7 case It’s funny how things work out like that.   Since the draft was finished, it was time to think of a title. F-san suggested putting “Blue” in the title, since it was about the sea, so everyone started thinking of titles that had “Blue” in it.   “Innocent Blue.”   “Blue Fish.”   “If we’re gonna put fish in, then what about Scramble Fish?”   Then, someone suggested that if the title was written sideways, maybe it’d be better to use actual Japanese characters. Then someone asked: “There’s an animal called a sea cow, right?”   Everyone stared blankly at him. But then…   “What about sea monsters?”   “Monsters? That won’t work.”   “Sea snakes!”   “Eels?”   “Sea lions.”   “Congers are so yummy.”   Then, finally someone suggested: “Sea monkeys.”   “No way!” Everyone said, and started laughing about it. But as you may know, a few days later, “Umizaru” (Sea Monkeys) became the official title.   This reminds me of another connection. Many years later, the assistant editor-in-chief, who was present at that celebration, took part as an instructor in a seminar toward people who aim to become editors of magazines. Apparently, during the seminar, he claimed that he had been the one who thought up the title.   Perhaps he was the person who actually tossed out the word, but that was during a brainstorming session where everyone was tossing out words. That’s all it was. Allegedly, he said something to the effect of: “No one else there could come up with any good ideas, so I tossed one out.”   Everyone wants the credit.   “I thought up that story.”   “I thought up that character.”   “That joke was something I came up with.”   “That manga wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for me.”   Soon, it really starts to sound like they just could have done it all without me.   But that’s how people are, I keep telling myself. As long as I don’t expect certain things from them, I shouldn’t have to feel disappointed again.

Sato’s Road to Manga #5

I started drawing my own manga.   For the first four or five months after I started working at F-san’s studio, it took all of my energy just to keep up with everything. Once I started getting used to work, I started doing nothing but thinking about how to get out. The contract I had signed was for two years, so the only way to proudly announce that I was quitting was to become a mangaka.   In the first month, I only spent a total of seven to ten nights in my apartment. The rest of the nights I slept at the studio. iphone 7 phone cases hard marble That left me with absolutely no private time, and of course, no time to draw my own manga.   But human desires always change depending on the situation.   Every time I would go back in to work after a break, I’d think “will I be able to go home today?” Whenever F-san had trouble getting his creative engine running, he’d tell us we could go home in the evening, so I was always waiting for that. When it got past midnight, and the trains stopped, I’d give up all hope of going home.   Then I’d hear that the deadline was in two days, and my fear would turn into “Will I be able to sleep tonight?” If it got past 7 AM, and F-san hadn’t asked us if we wanted to sleep yet, it meant that we had to keep working. And when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to sleep, my thought process changed to “When will I be able to eat?” F-san would make his art staff keep working while he got rest, and there was no way all of us could eat without him. (Of course, whenever this happened, Thor and Grande would slump over on their desks and fall asleep, which meant that I was the only one still working.)   When I arrived at the studio in the morning, my desire had been to “go home.” The next thing I knew, it had been two weeks since I’d been home, I had given up on sleeping, and just hoped and prayed that I could eat something. My desires gradually got smaller and smaller.   But there were some desires I refused to lose: the desire to draw manga and to become a mangaka. Since I was drowning in manga day after day, you’d think that on the few days I got off, I’d want to distance myself from manga. But if that was the extent of my desire, I knew I’d never be able to really become a mangaka. iphone 6 case peacock It didn’t matter how hard I worked as an art staff member — that alone would never make me a mangaka. And just resting on my days off wouldn’t get me anywhere.   Acting normal would only keep me normal.   This experience helped me learn that lack of sleep and food alone won’t kill a man.   And so, I started drawing my own manga on my days off.   At first, using the technique I had learned at work and drawing art at a level that I hadn’t been able to reach before was so much fun. I spent most of my scarce days off drawing manga. disney iphone 7 plus silicone case   After I told that friend of mine that I was going to become a mangaka, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to face him again until I actually came up with some results. head case designs iphone 6 plus In the first few months after I took time off school, I didn’t communicate with anyone, but once in a while people who apparently missed me would be nice enough to call me up and come see me. And what did I say to them?   “Going to school is pointless. If you want to go on living a boring, average life, then go ahead, keep going to school.” At the time, I was a real jerk.   Actually, I guess I’m still a jerk.   But at the time, I think I was being suffocated between the me who was an absolute nobody and the me who was still clenching onto some pathetic, tiny little scrap of pride, believing that I was somehow different than all those sponging students out there. I was deep in solitude, and when someone approached me once in a blue moon, I became confrontational. My frustration pushed me to want to make myself stand out, while a sense of alienation and discrimination spiraled up within me.   And I pushed all my problems onto manga. I believed that becoming a mangaka would solve everything.   I didn’t know what to draw. I knew I still had to draw something, but it was still hard for me to take that first step. I knew I had become a better artist than before, though, so without thinking up a story or doing storyboards, I just sat down with a white piece of manuscript paper and started drawing and inking, one page at a time.   Until that point, I had never inked a 20-page manuscript before in my life. Even if I thought up an interesting beginning, I’d get tired of it after drawing several pages and lose all sight of what it was I wanted to do. I kept starting over on new paper, so in the end I decided to just aim to finish an actual chapter, regardless of how good or bad it was.   Without any idea about what I wanted to draw, whether I really wanted to become a mangaka or whether I just wanted to draw manga, and feeling more and more frustrated at how slow the process was moving, I squirmed and writhed across the page, as if crawling out of a deep, dark cave.   Several months later, I finished my first short piece. iphone 6 thick rubber case   sh-blog-RMvol5     After that, I had to stay at the studio again for several weeks, and then, oddly enough, I got three full days off. I called up a certain editor and scheduled a time that I could bring in my manuscript to show him. iphone 7 black phone case I remember that my voice was shaking on the phone.   What if I suddenly get my own serialization? How will I be able to quit the job I have now?   I had forgotten what F-san said when he first hired me: “Once your two years are up, I’ll start treating you like a human.” I thought I had become a human already, and now was my time to shine.   This was the first manuscript submission I’d ever done.

Sato’s Road to Manga #18

At some point, my supervising editor I-san started giving me assorted illustration jobs.   I drew art for special presentation pages, 4-panel mangas that they needed to fill the space on poll result pages, and got paid about 5000 yen for each piece. And since I had vowed to write ten more storyboards before giving up, I was also bringing those in at a regular pace. Knowing that I only had ten chances left put a lot of pressure on me, and I did my best not to get too worked up as I drew.   One day, I brought a storyboard into the office, and I-san introduced me to the editor-in-chief. When I introduced myself, the editor-in-chief stood up and poured a cup of coffee. I thought he was going to give it to me, but he simply went back to his seat and sipped it. Then he said something to me.  

“You’re our 4-panel man!!”

  Apparently, he liked the 4-panel manga I had drawn for one of my illustration jobs, so I had been volunteered up as a 4-panel mangaka.   “When you’re in the zone, your 4-panels are so in the zone they’re practically top level! They’re super in the zone!”   I had no idea what he meant by “in the zone,” but he was really enthusiastic about it. According to the editor-in-chief, I wasn’t fit to write manga with actual stories, and that 4-panel manga is where I could truly shine.   I want to drink some coffee too…   I-san smiled and nodded repeatedly as he sat beside me. iphone 6 pressed flower case In the end, he told me to write 100 4-panel mangas and bring them to him.   I didn’t really have any desire to draw 4-panel manga, but if it’d help me become a mangaka, then I figured it was worth doing. I drew 100 4-panel mangas in two weeks and then brought them into the office.   I wasn’t used to drawing this type of manga, so it was hard work. winnie the pooh iphone 6 plus case Just sitting at home made me get writer’s block, so I hopped around to different diners and walked around with my notebook, aiming to think up one idea per every ten telephone poles. I walked from Koenji from Shibuya, and I didn’t come up with anything. That’s when I realized: thinking of funny stuff isn’t very fun.   When he saw my work, I-san was overjoyed. “4-panel manga really is your thing!” He passed on my work to his bosses and the editor-in-chief and told me to wait a little bit for whether or not they’d be featured in the magazine.   “The editor-in-chief is expecting great things from you too!” he said, which certainly didn’t make me feel bad. Up to that point, I had never had a chance to show an upper-level employee my work — I-san always just cast it all away — so it did get my hopes up.   I was “in the zone.”   But, I heard no news on that subject for the next six months. During that period, I drew nine storyboards, but all of them were shot down without ever making it past I-san.   If my 4-panels get shot down too, that’ll make ten, I thought one day. Then, I-san called me and invited me to a film screening. He wanted me to do a one-page illustration that reported on the film. iphone 7 plus phone cases prime I hadn’t watched a film for over two years — since the day I made my first ever submission. Even back then, I had been working hard to separate myself from manga, music and film. Wait, no. I think I allowed myself to read comics by the newsstand back then. Oh, and I-san sent me magazines every month, so I read those too. Now that I think about it, I-san was being considerate to me, in some strange way.   Unfortunately, the film was boring. Disappointed that the first movie I had seen in years was so boring, I thought: How can I make an interesting illustration out of this boring movie? I guess a real pro would be able to do something entertaining with it.   When I-san took me to a bar after the screening, I just asked him the big question. “What happened with my 4-panels? I haven’t heard anything since then, so I can’t help but wonder…”   I-san tried to evade the question.   “Can you please just give me a straight answer?” I asked, in an unusually clear and loud tone.   I was serious, after all. This was a dire question, which would decide whether or not I would give up on my dream to become a mangaka… even though that was only because I had decided it would be.   “Hmm… let me think. What happened with that? I didn’t hear anything from my boss, so I can’t really say. Are you really in that much of a hurry?”   As he finished saying the word “hurry,” I first felt like I needed to answer his question. But then, after I thought a bit, I realized: they’ve kept me waiting for a year now, how can they say I’m in a hurry?   I was quiet for a bit. “Fine, let’s just say they got rejected,” I said finally, and I-san looked a bit relieved.   I wanted to walk out right then and there, but I desperately exercised some self-control.   That was when I gave up on I-san.   I went back to my apartment, pulled out the copies of my 4-panels, and inked ten of them right then and there. I worked all night without sleeping, then went to the convenience store and bought the first manga magazine I had purchased in several years. I found some amateur contest forms, wrote out the required information, then put my manuscripts into envelopes and sent them out. iphone 6 case red and gold   This was my 10th and last chance. I just wanted to know where I stood. Was it really in my best interests to give up on becoming a mangaka?   I happened to run into a college friend in a Koenji shopping district. He was with his girlfriend, who was also an old classmate of mine.   “Are you drawing manga for a living now?” he asked, sneering (at least, it looked that way to me).   Once, I somehow got the chance to take part in a drinking party where I was the only male. One of them got sick from drinking too much, and a few others missed their last train, so I ended up letting several girls sleep in my apartment. Watching all those girls sleeping right in front of my eyes gave me a very strange feeling.   I tried whispering to one.   “Not until you become a mangaka,” she replied.   I’m the kind of person who gets extremely affected by tiny events like that.   Every day of my life, I did nothing but draw manga and masturbate. Day after day, I agonizingly alternated between gripping my pen and gripping my dick, and I was sick and tired of it. I felt that if my life was just going to go on like this, then I’d rather have someone come and kill me. But then I realized that I probably hadn’t ever affected someone to make them feel such a strong emotion toward me, and so instead I just got pissed off at how boring I was.   I wanted to scream, but I had nothing to say, and it was suffocating me.   In less than a month, I got a call back from one of the new contests I entered.   If they think I’m crap, then I’m crap, I decided.   I think I was just looking for an excuse to give up, while pretending that I was really forcing myself to work hard. But drawing ten manuscripts in half a year isn’t as easy as it sounds. I really was working hard.   That’s it, I realized. I worked hard, but I still came up with nothing but crap. That’s all I needed to believe. I just needed to convince myself that I was really crap.   My work earned an honorable mention from the contest. Here’s what I submitted that time.   sh-blog-RMvol18   Sorry for the stupid name. iphone 7 plus case learher I really worked hard on it. You can read it here.   I decided to meet with my new supervisor, E-san, on my next day off. When I went back to work, I told T-san about the contest. It did mean that I betrayed an editor from the magazine that serialized T-san’s work, so I apologized, then asked him if he would allow me to go meet with E-san.   Now that I think about it, all I did was change outlets. I didn’t really betray anyone or anything. But I had met T-san through I-san, so I figured I should run it by him. As I gravely explained this all to him, T-san kept a straight face and gave me a serious answer.   “Reactions only come to people who take action. You took action, and earned a reaction. That’s all. Of course you can go meet him. Do your best.”   I decided to keep doing my best.