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TOKYO, JAPAN – July 1, 2013 – With the help of MANGA REBORN, Sato Shuho has published his autobiographical novel “Manga Poverty” on iTunes, Amazon, and Smashwords. You can purchase one from the link on the sidebar. This novel details his struggle with ruthless Japanese publishers and discusses the problems Japan’s manga and publishing industries are facing. All versions of the e-book are available for $2.99. English translation by Dan Luffey.


In conjunction with the e-book release, this blog (Sato Shuho’s official English blog) is also open for free viewing. It will be updated every Monday and Wednesday with anecdotes about Sato’s rise as a manga artist, as well as his philosophies on art, panel composition, and story composition for manga.


Manga Reborn hopes that these releases will connect more overseas manga fans with Japanese artists, and help them learn about the current state of manga culture.





ABOUT MANGA REBORN: MANGA REBORN was developed as a response to the fact that there is only a small amount of very popular manga being spread out to the world from Japan. We feel that there is a large amount of interesting manga that has yet to leave Japan, so we are working hard to introduce readers around the world to a wider variety of quality manga.